DiosCURE Announces Incorporation and Establishment of Executive Management Team

DiosCURE Therapeutics SE announced the company’s incorporation and the establishment of its executive management team to develop unique, next-generation therapeutics that aim to prevent and treat SARS-CoV-2 infections.

The new company will be headquartered in Bonn (Germany) and is built on a strong scientific foundation of a collaborative effort by the Institute of Innate Immunity of the University Hospital Bonn, The Scripps Research Institute San Diego (USA) and the Karolinska Institutet Stockholm (Sweden).

DiosCURE is advancing its two lead therapeutic candidates DIOS-202 and DIOS-203 toward early clinical evaluation with the goal of entering the clinic in 2021.

The global COVID-19 current therapy market is expected to grow from $10.83 billion in 2019 to $27.27 billion in 2023, as stated by ReportLinker earlier this year.

Members of the management team are Klaus Wilgenbus, M.D., appointed as Chief Executive Officer of DiosCURE and Mathias Knecht M.D., in the role of Chief Development Officer.

“We have established DiosCURE with the goal of developing a next generation antibody treatment to protect a significant population which will remain at risk, including exposed healthcare workers, immunocompromised patients, non-responders to vaccines and patients experiencing post-acute COVID-19 syndrome. I would like to thank our scientific co-founders and the growing DiosCURE team for the opportunity to establish a new company focused on this effort.” stated Klaus Wilgenbus, CEO of DiosCURE.

About DiosCURE

DiosCURE is developing next-generation immunotherapies focused on a novel approach against SARS-CoV-2. The Company’s proprietary bi- and trivalent variable domains of heavy chain-only antibodies (VHHs) are synergistic combinations of single-domain antibodies, constructed following structural information and optimized for potency as well as their potential to avoid the emergence of escape mutants. DiosCURE designed lead candidates that target two different epitopes of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein with the potential to be highly efficacious, well-tolerated and manufactured at a large-scale standardized process. To learn more about our company, please visit www.DiosCURE.com

DiosCURE Contacts:

Klaus Wilgenbus, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer


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